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About Jinks Technology Management

JTM helps companies plan and execute large, complex, and/or simultaneous projects on-time, on-budget, while maximizing customer satisfaction. We build collaboration, trust, and responsibility into large, multi-functional teams, and train a client's internal staff on techniques for successful project management. 

Daniel Jinks is the founder of Jinks Technology Management.  An expert in project management and software development for twenty-five years, Dan assists businesses with information technology related projects, concentrating his efforts today in website, database, and Client/Server application development. 

 Mr. Jinks has managed facilities or installed systems in nine countries on four continents. He speaks fluent German and conversational French.

He has provided consulting services and development assistance to companies in many industries, including property and casualty insurance, manufacturing, financial services, utilities, transportation, food processing, state agencies and health care insurance.

Prior to founding Jinks Technology Management, Mr. Jinks worked as a management consultant for nine years at Temple, Barker & Sloane (now Mercer Management Consulting), an international management consulting firm. He has also served as international systems manager at Nashua Corporation and Simplex Time Recorder Company.

Mr. Jinks holds a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an M.S.B.A. from Boston University.  

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