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Imaging Processing Software Support

JTM supports customers and software vendors that require document and image capture and manipulation routines integrated into their applications. We are an experts in database applications and have over six years experience with image processing using LEADTOOLS. DICOM images are also supported. JTM can support your applications including integration of drivers for cameras and microscopes. 
We provide the following services:  

  • Applications or routines to capture still images or multimedia streams from cameras or microscopes
  • Image manipulation, storage and retrieval software 
  • Integration of image capture/manipulation software with customer software
  • Support for LEADTOOLS software 
  • Support for Software Developers Kits from camera and microscope manufacturers, including:
    - Leica
    - Optronics
    - Pixelink
    - JVC
    - The Imaging Source
  • Application development 
  • Project Management

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