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Project Management Training and Facilitation

helps companies plan and execute large, complex, and/or simultaneous projects on-time, on-budget, while maximizing customer satisfaction. We build collaboration, trust, and responsibility in large, multi-functional teams, and train a client's internal staff on techniques for successful project management. 

When companies attempt to improve business processes, they are faced with increasingly complex situations, which defy traditional project management approaches.  Often cross-functional teams must be formed and many team members do not have the skills or experience to participate fully.  They may be unsure of their authority, accountabiliy, or be aligned on different goals.  Today's business environments require team members to share responsibility and accountability for the project's success.  A single experienced project leader cannot assure a successful outcome, nor do most organization's have enough people with such experience.

JTM, in conjunction with our strategic partner -
Conard Associates, train and facilitate client management and staff alike in a systematic approach for team development, project planning, risk assessment, and implementation. 

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